Business Continuity Planning

Downtime is the bane of your company’s existence, whether it’s a hardware failure, malware infestation, software or operating system glitch. 56% of the organizations in the US don’t have a disaster recovery plan, 82% of companies that had a catastrophic IT failure eventually went out of business because of that failure! Let ACS create a business continuity plan that will ensure the survival of your company in the event of a disaster.

ACS offers unique and comprehensive Business Continuity solutions. From data backup to recovery planning and virtualized standby servers, we have the perfect plan for your organization. Our solutions are backed by industry best practices and best in class technology.

Business Continuity Planning from ACS gives you:

  • Peace of mind – knowing you have something up your sleeves to cope with disasters
  • Data backup – a backup strategy that keeps your data safe and secure
  • Data restoration – we can restore your data within hours, not days

Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked for. While disasters – whether in the form of natural causes or man-made errors – are unavoidable, you can prepare for the worst beforehand to minimize the damage and prevent your company from closing down its doors altogether.

Prepare your business for whatever lies ahead

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