Email Protection

Your business relies on email to communicate with internal and external parties, and it’s important to apply security measures to keep online attacks at bay. Some security threats are disguised as known entities, email messages and attachments, so how do you distinguish fraudulent emails from the legitimate ones? How well is your email system protected?

ACS email protection provides an additional layer of protection for your email systems. We prevent external attacks such as viruses, malware, spam and phishing from infiltrating your systems.

Our email protection offers:

  • Email encryption – Keep sensitive information confidential, comply with HIPAA and SOX — is your company HIPAA and SOX compliant?
  • Spam filtering – eliminate potential malicious attacks before they enter your systems
  • Email archiving – keep a record of all communications and stay compliant with the laws
  • Customized scanning – optimize your system’s resources
  • Cloud filters – ACS has email servers located around the world to protect and offer cloud filtering
  • Advanced DNS services – let the ACS experts configure your DNS to help keep your email safe from spoofing

Don’t let a single security breach compromise your emails and sensitive information within them. The experts at ACS can provide advanced security solutions to ensure your inboxes are free of malicious online threats.

Comprehensive protection for your email

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